Centre for Advanced Software Engineering, Calicut Centre for Advanced Software Engineering, Calicut

25-July-2024 12:44:36 AM (GMT+5:30)

Some of our featured Products are...

Some of the main products we implemented are ...
VAT enabled, accounting and billing package for small and medium proprietary firms
A simple utility to annotate electronic diagrams and group photos enabling their grouping, sub grouping etc. It is also useful for distributors to direct their due collections along with a geographical map.
Knowledge Explorer for You [KEY]
Enables individual specialized noting, self evaluation, and retention(memorising) check of what one has assimilated on a specific area of reading or doing. In short, it is a tool to simplify the major challenge before every modern man -assimilation of vast amounts of information, and an ability to re use them at short notice.
SPREAD -a knowledge sharing platform.
For the petroleum industry, drilling, completion and sub-sea professionals can share their knowledge and practices easily.
This is a package for doctors (especially ENT) for their home practice, permitting them fast data acquisition and processing. There is provision for doctors time management, patient registration and prescription printing facility.Patients continuos data enables a more helpful approach for the doctor. Doctor has pictorial marking facility as well. The packageis developed under the expert guidance of a practising ENT Professor of a Medical College.