Centre for Advanced Software Engineering, Calicut Centre for Advanced Software Engineering, Calicut

24-July-2024 11:32:43 PM (GMT+5:30)

Where tomorrow is debugged today!

From 1993, Centre for Advanced Software Engineering(CASE) is the software development division of FAST TECH headed by Mr.Kumaran Moosad, MCA ,from The College of Engineering , Trivandrum, India.

Our mission is to provide latest technology solutions to clients in a well defined scientific manner, both accurate and useful to the final user. We believe in making ourselves useful across geographical divides riding on the new facilities opened up by the internet and the semantic web.

The awareness about yesterday is useful to the extend it will recur today, and usefulness get enhanced if it will continue to recur tomorrow. When such is not the case, as in the present historical context, where practises and experiences of yesterday is a burden rather than an advantage for current action in many instances, one’s focus should be in acquiring the relevent new technologies and opportunities that build the lion\'s part of tomorrow -rather than concentrating on the features that proved predominant yesterday or today.